Bay Area Baptist Church Education Building Renovation
Brownsville Independent School District
•Aiken Elementary Renovation
•Besteiro Middle School Renovation
Dow School Master Plan, Houston, Texas
Episcopal High School Photography Lab Renovation, Houston, Texas
First Baptist Church of Wharton, Youth Education Building, Wharton, Texas
First Baptist Church Education Building Addition, Alpharetta, Georgia
Galveston Independent School District, Galveston, Texas
•Austin Middle School Master Plan
•Austin Middle School Renovation
•Austin Middle School Roof Renovation
•TOR Field
•Transportation Facility
Houston Independent School District, Houston, Texas
•Bowie Elementary School
•Eliot Elementary School
•Port of Houston Elementary School Renovation
•Sharpstown Middle School Renovation
•Wheatley High School Renovation
Islamic Education facility, Houston, Texas
Liberty ISD, Administration Building Renovation, Liberty, Texas
Montessori Academy Addition, Houston, Texas
Port Arthur Independent School District, Port Arthur, Texas
•Austin High School Shops Building Renovation
• Lincoln High School Shops Building & Science Wing Renovation
•Memorial High School Breezeway
•Memorial High School Science Labs
•Memorial High School Switchboard Design
•Thomas Jefferson High School Classroom Additions
•Thomas Jefferson High School Electrical Switchboard Replacement
• Thomas Jefferson High School Science Wing & Shops Renovation
Primrose School
Raul Yzaguirre School, Houston, Texas
Regis School, Houston, Texas
•Campus Electrical Service
•Classroom Building
•Soccer Field
St Catherine’s Montessori School, Houston, Texas
Texas Can Academy
Texas Youth Commission, State of Texas
• Site Utilities Replacement & Dormitories Renovation, Crockett, Texas
•Site Utilities Replacement, Giddings, Texas
Thomas Jefferson High School, Port Arthur, Texas
•Classrooms Addition
•Electrical Switchboard Replacement
• Science Wing & Shops Renovation