Medical & Dental Facilities

Alvin Community Hospital Cafeteria Remodel
Alvin Community Hospital Recovery Room, Alvin, Texas
Aquatic Care Facility
•Humble, Texas
•Wynbrook, Texas
Baker Road Medical Plaza, Baytown, Texas
Batterton Chiropractic Clinic, Houston, Texas
Cardiology Associates of Kingwood, Texas
Continuum Medical Clinic, Houston, Texas
Cypresswood Clinic
Dental World
Diagnostic Eye Clinic
Diagnostic MRI
Dr. Brown’s Office Building
Dr. Buescher, Main Medical Plaza, Houston, Texas
Dr. Cole Offices
Dr. DelGadillo, W. Little York, Houston, Texas
Dr. Gayle, Baytown, Texas
Dr. Gemp Dental Office
Dr. Guidry, Baytown, Texas
Dr. Hanby Lease
Dr. Janowitz
Dr. Reuben Lease @ Park Plaza
Dr. Rodgers Lease
Dr. Sankar, 12000 Richmond, Level 2, Houston, Texas
Dr. Swick
Dr. Varela
Dr. Willette
Dr. Williams
First Colony Professional Office Building
Gathe Clinic
Global Sleep Center
Healix Lease @ Plaza Medical
Johnson Funeral Home
Kelsey-Seybold Clinic (IAH Clinic Remodel)
Legend Healthcare
Main Medical Plaza, Houston, Texas
Main Medical Tenant 2nd Floor & Lobby
M. D. Anderson Reception Desk
Monarch Dental Centers
•Airline, Texas
•Bellaire, Texas
•Clear Lake, Texas
•Indiana; Arizona
MRI Center @ Fry Road, Houston, Texas
MRI Control @ Highway 3, Webster, Texas
Noah’s Glen Residential Treatment Center
Park Plaza Professional Building, Houston, Texas
•Maintenance Facility
•Nuclear Imaging of Texas Expansion
•Oncology Clinic
•Suite 070 Renovation
Plaza Medical Center – Suites 900, 460, 480, 580 & 590
River Park Professional Building Doctor’s Office, Houston, Texas
Suburban Dental
Texas Cardiology Associates, Kingwood, Texas
Urgent Care Facility
West Houston Medical Center
Whole Body Rehabilitation Center